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abc2 is working for you. we'll be right back with abc2 news at 5:30.
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now abc2 news at 5:30. how it was rescued before using up one of its nine lives. and a once in a lifetime opportunity. one sports fan catch with an oriole. so many words to describe the weather outside. it even looks hazy as we look in from our camera. we are running out of adjectives. let's get to wyatt, is there any relief in sight? he has a look at your first steamy forecast. >> there may be some relief in sight, but it's a distant
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sight. it's on the horizon out there. a ways out. we are going to be as hot, if not hotter tomorrow and right there saturday, again here's some of the high temperatures that our weather net sites, clarksville to 102. middletown hitting 100 and triple digit heat. alexandria, virginia, maybe to 107. here's our heat index values. when you add that humidity in, we are not at record high temperature levels, at least not in the airports. we do have some of the highest heat index values you will ever see around maryland. 113 in dc. that's why we have that heat warning still up through 10:00 p.m. tonight and that's going to be the case again tomorrow. 90s the rest of this everyoning, but feeling like more than 100 for a few hours here and again those heat warnings extended for thursday, friday, saturday, we'll talk about when there is some slight cooling. i don't want to call it cooling, but we'll talk about it coming up. >> we'll look forward to that.
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in this heated, we have to remember about our pets and here's a story that will no doubt bring some highlight to that issue. here is jamie costello. >> awful story, jamie. >> listen, you heard of cat in the hat. this is cat in the box. cats have nine lives. this one has nine, plus three hours and ten minutes. look at this face. boy does he have a story to tell. yesterday in scorching heat, somebody drops off this cat in this blue carrier with cheetos. it was dropped off at the small miracles cat rescue. their slogan, we see miracles every day. the center was shut down at 3:00. a volunteer shows up at 6:00 to drop off some tables for a big bash coming up on saturday. >> to leave a cat by the shelter when you can see that we don't open until the next morning would be a death
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sentence for the cat. the cat would have sat there all night, we would have had bad news when we came in this morning. this poor cat would have been dead. >> the cat's name is cheese puffs. cheesy was very scared but has been a lap cat for most of the day today. he is going to get shots and be up for adoption next week. small miracles will be celebrating its fifth anniversary on saturday with a huge adoption event. that's why they needed the tables, proving cat miracles happen. abc2 news. thanks a lot, jamie. this heat is just as dangerous for us as it is for our pets. abc2 is working for you with ways to keep your four legged friends cool. take along plenty of fresh water when you go for a walk. make sure to take frequent breaks in the shade and avoid hot ground. put sunscreen on your dog's nose, and pay close attention to make sure your pet does not
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get over heated. tonight we are working for you, alerting you of crime trains and giving you ways to keep your home safe. brian brings you tips and tools along with websites you can use to stop crime before it happens. >> abc2 news is working for you. we are working with local law enforcement agencies to alert you of crime in your neighborhood and give you the tools to protect your family. we are working a sheriff's office to show you how to avoid being burglarized and find out what crimes are happening in your own neighborhood. the sheriff says there are some areas of the county where break ins and burglaries are becoming more and more common, including edgewood and bell air. really it doesn't matter where you live. there are things you can do to protect your home. stresses using common sense. making sure your doors are shut and locked and removing anything tempting from a crook.
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you can also log on to the sheriff's office website and register for their e-mail and alert they deliver straight to your inbox whenever a crime is reported where you live. next week we'll be going in depth with the sheriff about how his deputies are working directly with neighbors to preprevent crimes before they happen. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> all right, let's take a look at tonight's top stories. standout basketball player is dead after a shooting in the brooklyn community which police say may have been accidental. 18-year-old marcus harvel died wednesday afternoon. police say it happened in the brooklyn home's housing project. they are now looking into an account that it happened when they mishandled a gun. tonight baltimore city police have arrested this man saying he shot one of their own. investigators say shay jordan used a high powered rifle with
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a scope from across the street. causing minor injuries. police say jordan has a prior military record and a history of mental illness. police also say he confessed to the shooting. jordan actually had nothing to do with the original domestic violence call that the officer was responding to. all right, your kids are a few weeks away from heading back to school, but many stores are gearing up for that back to school shopping. should you stock up now or wait until your children are back in the classroom? abc2 is working for you with the new feature click to fix. hear the answers we got about this run down home in baltimore city and learn how you can submit a tub on a problem you have seen in your community.
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well in tonight's consumer alert, your kids may not be ready for back to school season, but those retailers definitely are. the second biggest retail season of the year is about to kick into high gear. will you find steals and deals or wait until the kids are back in the classroom? lauren capa has a look at the forecast. >> during summer sweltering
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days, retailers want you to think fall and think back to school shopping. some have already stocked shelves for the retail season second only to the holidays. one that is expected to ring up over $68 billion in sales this year. with the economy still shaky, the national retail federation expects families to spend, but spend carefully. >> retailers know that even though the recession is over, it is still fresh on the minds of american families. >> their annual survey expects back to school spending to be flat compared to last year with the average family of grade school children spending $603 on clothes and shoes, school supplies, and electronics, slightly less than the money they spent in 2010. families will spend $808 down from $835 last year. so retailers plan to showcase items where consumers can get greater bang for the buck. >> this year's theme is not necessarily finding the best price. it's about finding the best value. and so you're going to see a
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lot of retarials talking about quality merchandise or being able to have an extended warranty on something. in addition to good prices. >> sales will start early to get shoppers in store and keep an eye on social media for discounts, too. for consumer watch, i'm karen capa. >> if you're shopping in maryland and want to save money, you can take advantage of the tax free holiday. well coming up, the orioles have the day off and that means a day to hang out with some of their fans. adam jones takes a trip to annapolis. what brought him into fans to help get them to play. will it finally make him faster? abc2 works for the community. a proud partner with the leukemia and lymphoma society.
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here's the orioles story i was trying to tell you about. going to see the orioles play in camden yards is one thing, but having them play at your place is something really special. that's what happened in annapolis today for one boys and girls club. don harrison was there with a group of really excited kids. >> the annapolis boys and girls club had a special visitor today. orioles outfielder, adam jones. jones came to visit as part of the cal ripken foundation, along with his appearance came a $20,000 check. that will complete the multisports complex outside for the kids to enjoy for a long time. the kids got to go to the game yesterday and see adam play. >> when he hit the ball, i was excited and i kept going, go orioles. >> meeting a player as
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talented as adam jones was a thrill to a lot of these kids. >> i have never seen them in life. i have only seen them on tv. >> adam was happy to be here today. he had similar experiences as a lot of these boys and girls. >> grew up in the boys and girls club and people i grew up with, we still talk about our experiences up there. >> there was more than one adam jones in the room today. he wants to make baseball significant for these kids. >> it's not heavily favored in the african american community, but i'm trying to bring it back. tough sport. fun sport. >> it seems everybody benefited from today's visit. >> i can be that figure in the kids lives, why not? it's gratifying for me and to see kids, it's nice. >> in annapolis, don harrison, abc2 news. >> now, maryland's most
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powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. it's unbelievably hot out. i don't have to tell you that. you know where it has to be unbelievable right now? the tropical rain forest. all that sun beating down. yeah, the tropical animals are used to this type of weather. they're like, what's the big deal? most of us not so used to it. 99 right now at bwi. hot, hot conditions as they are in frederick as we put that in motion behind you there. i want to give you an idea of historically where we are. 100 the official high today at bwi. it was hotter downtown. normal 88. 12 degrees above average. the humidity is killing us. 104 the old record from 1930. way back when, but obviously we aren't going to get there. tomorrow the old record is 101 and we will break it. heat warning is up for the entire state. 10:00 a.m. through 10:00 p.m. we have four hours left on this
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evening's heat warning. then from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. friday and again starting at 10:00 a.m. on saturday, watch out for excessive heat and of course code orange for bad air quality the rest of the evening and into the day on your friday. there's a look at frederick, one of the hottest spots in the state today. well above 100 degrees. and ellicott city sering in the heat as well. it didn't matter where you were today, you were cooking unless you were on a high mountain top out in extreme western maryland. most of us dealing with extreme heat. ocean city was in the mid 80s. but most of us cooking in the mid 90s. i don't see any changes in the next couple of days. real feel temperature, what does it feel like with the humidity at the level it's at? for late july, it's unusually high for maryland and it feels like 115. skies clear, that's good. i mean there's no big storms to deal with. it would probably move through so quickly it would increase
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your humidity value. it's tough to pray for thundershowers, though it wouldn't help the grass and spots from burning up. and the moisture level. yes, it's a heat, but in my mind it's a ring of fire. really hot area of air that will continue to slide east. center itself over us tomorrow during the day and begin to move out saturday, but really won't get a break until sunday. overnight, steamy. yeah, steam bath. that's the deal. tomorrow we will see record high temperatures. i bumped it to 102 based on new information. 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., heat index 115 or hotter and steamy again tomorrow night. 79. your seven-day forecast from the abc2 weather center, 102 friday. close to 100 saturday. and i don't see any big breaks until probably early next week and even there we are talking more than 90. kelly. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. abc2 is working for you in your
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community. do you run across the problems or eyesores in your neighborhood that you wish someone would take care of? now we're helping you out and it's called click to fix. here is charlie. >> the focus of click to fix is all about asking the questions you want anded and giving you the answers we think you deserve. our first story came to us from a letter from kathy edwards here in baltimore. in that, she included this photograph of a run down house that has been presenting probles fo neighbors for almost five years. passing through baltimore's west arlington neighborhood along penn hurst avenue, nothing seems out of place. the houses are taken care of, yards mowed, and landscaping neat. it seems like an ideal place to call home, sure, but you come across this two story wreck falling apart and collapsing on itself. >> it's been going on for years. we've only been here sinc
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2007. >> they built their house in west arlington. a dream home on a big corner lot, but with one big problem next door. >> i'm tired of it. we moved here and built our house from the ground up and look at this. >> it's not just the looks of the broken down house at 4114 pin hurst, it's also the activity she and her neighbors see going on in and around the house that has them worried, especially when you consider edwards manages a daycare from her home. >> our neighbors have seen prostitutes, nude people. we want something done about
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it. >> the problems are well known and have been documented by the neighborhood association president dr. charles griffith. he compiled properties that needed attention and 4114 listed near the top. >> it's nice to the owners on both sides of it and it's an eyesore to the community. it's a disgrace to the community and to baltimore city at large. i do not fault the inspection department because shorthanded -- >> we contacted you about this house. >> michael with the baltimore housing department met us to talk about that property and going over the house's history, why nothing has been done and what, if anything, the city is planning. >> the city had to come out and clean and secure the property more than ten times over the past couple of years and the property owner has been billed for all of those costs. but we have got to resolve this particular problem and beyond just cleaning and cutting the grass. >> that resolution will be through a public auction or demolition. both processes that could take up to six months of legal action. >> but we will get an outcome here. i would like to stand here with you several months down the road and to look at the solution here. >> we tried contacting pin
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hurst llc, but never heard back from them. as for mr. braverman, he asked for mrs. edwards and her neighbor's patience to get that house squared away. that's what we are going to do. he ask that we keep in touch and when the issue is reached, we're going to meet him on the front doorstep to bring you that resolution. if you have a problem you want us to look into. drop me an e-mail with the necessary details. charlie crowson. >> if you have something that needs to be addressed in your community or while you are driving to work or around town, let us know. take a picture and send it to us. if you come to our web page at if you slide down to the view the slide shows, then you click on click to fix and you can see that the story is here and you'll see all the information and pictures from that story. here's an opportunity for you to get involved and maybe we can help you out, too.
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we are waiting to hear from you. jamie
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so why did the tortis get to cross the road? his leg was amputated and the vets attached a swivelling wheel. the vets say he is adjusting well to his new wheel and he is moving pretty well, too. baltimore city police say one of their officers was targeted by a gunman. how they found their man and what might have been behind the shooting next

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